What's it all about?

We focus on celebration & transformational experiences, combining playful parties with heart-opening workshops & activities. Bringing awareness to the exploration, discovery and integration process of the burning man experience, we provide a space filled with mystery, excitement, expansion and even some delightfully unexpected snacks and drinks. 

Key to Serendipitea is the curated group of people, the tribe. We are a loving family of the mad ones, with amazing positive, giving energy who value connecting and co-creating in community, remembering our oneness. We share our open hearts & minds with everyone who enters the space and explore new ways of living this beautiful life.

Traditionally, SERENDIPITEA also focuses on the Tea Ceremonies / Rituals of the world. Tea is medicine and we offer all flavors of the world for you to explore which one will heal your mind, body & spirit that day.


Theme days (TBC)



A burning man camp.