Welcome to the Serendipitea camp application. Below is a summary of what our camp offers and what we need from you in order to join our tribe.  

  • Interactivity - Our favorite part! We balance our mind blowing parties with heart opening workshops & activities for self exploration, transformation & life integration.
  • Food - Our body is our temple and we fuel it with high quality nutritious meals with vegetarian and vegan options. Led by our house chef, a family cooked dinner is served every night and ingredients for breakfast are available in the mornings for self-serving.
  • Water - potable water for kitchen & showers provided but you are responsible for your own drinking water
  • Tea - all the worlds teas available daily for you to nourish your vessel with the medicine of your choice.
  • Grid activation - with crystals, salt lamps, Tesla Coils, meditation temple and sacred altar we activate our camp with high vibrational frequencies, creating a field for good vibes only.
  • Gifting - Our herbal elixir & tea bar (alcoholic options available) is open daily and our events are always supplied with healthy, energy-boosting treats from our raw food kitchen.
  • Big Events - Circus opening party, Mad Hatter Tea Party, Healing day, Tribal day
  • Accommodation support -  Shift Pod village with communal lounge area & meditation temple
  • Showers -  we have 3 camp showers for you to dust off
  • Electricity - Camp Generator for RVs & Shift pods 
  • Toilets - We have 3 communal toilets


Total investment: Camp fee + accommodation fee + deposit

  • Family discount - If you have camped with us before you receive a 20% discount. 
  • Creatives discount - We want everyone to be able to experience Burning Man and offer a decent discount to people who can't afford our fees but truly value the experience and can gift their creative energy to the camp.  Please contact campserendipitea@gmail.com for more information.
  • The price increase from last year is to cover new investments and match our higher quality, broader range of activities and decrease in number of campers (from 120 to 90).

Camp fee:
In order to cover the costs of setting all this up as well as our budget to create an amazingly interactive communal area the camp fee is $1200 per person.

Incentive Deposit

Participation, Communal Effort and Leave No Trace are 3 of the 10 core principles at Burning Man and also at Serendipitea. To reinforce their importance and make sure our campers live by these principles we have implemented a refundable $250 incentive deposit; to maximise involvement during the week; to ensure that you carry trash home; and to promote participation in packing away the camp at the end of the week - basically, doing your part. For breakdown we aim to be done by Sunday dusk!

As a quick caveat to this, although we're implementing this incentive deposit it doesn't mean you can just pay it and not do any of the above ;)... not supporting the camp will mark heavily against being invited back for future burns.


We're strong believers in sustainable accommodation, this is why we get involved to support the setup of our Shift Pod Village.

This year we're making some major upgrades to the Village, most notably additional shade structures  - a centre shade and chillout area for the Village guests, as well as cover for the Shift pods.

What's more is that each shift pod will come with AC and power. We recommend purchasing Airbeds, Sheets, a lamp, a rug and decorations.  For the RV's we provide power & one greywater pump-out.

  • Shift Pod w/AC - $1200 per pod (e.g. If 2 people = $600p/p)
    We provide you with one of our shift pods.

  • RV - $1200 per RV (e.g. If 4 people = $300p/p)
    You have to bring your own RV. The fee is to pay for having your RV on our camp area.

Payments must be made by 1st of JULY to confirm your spot!

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